Tuesday, 22 April 2014

22nd April 2014 - Neighbours update

Well all the worrying was in the end for nothing. The new owner put his property up for let, it went within 3 days and over the Easter Weekend the new tenants moved in.

We had a chat to them on Saturday and they seemed very nice. Mark is a postman in the area, Alex works at the hospital and they have a son Edward who is in year 7 at Springwood. Helen actually taught him a couple of times when he was at St Martha's.

They moved out of their last place after 7 years as the owner wanted to sell it, so hopefully they will be here for a while as well.

I know we are detached now but I still think it is important to have good neighbours who you can get on well with. 

Not so that you can be in each others houses all the time, no I would not want that, but just to be able to chat to when you see them, know their names and know that whenever they do something they are considerate to other people around them. By this I mean, noise, parking etc. Consider other people, unfortunately not everyone does, as I found out when in Enfield, but so far and from chatting to them I think they are considerate people.

Also its not just immediate neighbours either. I think it is nice that we know the names of those a few doors down either way and those across the road. That does not seem to happen much these days. Some I talk to more than others but a wave if you see them in the the car or a hello if you pass them in the street or see them in the garden, is just as good.

Over the road is Sally and Doreen, I talk to them a lot, as I do John who is just to the side of us, others like Ray I have never spoken to, but he smiles and waves if he see us. The young couple Tracy and Daniel, also over the road, are not around much, but will always acknowledge you if you see them.

We have Dave and Sheila beyond our fence at the bottom of the garden. Due to losing a few fence panels during the winter winds I have now got to know them, I had not previously seen or spoken to them in the year and half previous. So that is nice.

Some people may not agree with me but I think that is how it should be, I like where we live, and  I like the people around us.