Sunday, 29 January 2012

29th January 2012

Today it seemed more real than ever that we are moving. We started boxing up a lot of the things that are not required day to day and what we could do without until we rent up in Kings Lynn in the summer. These will go into storage, once we sell, along with the larger items and other pieces we do not need.

Today we filled 22 boxes and it still seems like we have not made a dent in it. We tackled Kirsty's room as well, that accounted for 7 boxes alone and you would still look at her room and think she had too much stuff.

Yesterday we received documents from the solicitors to start looking over and filling in, some are easy, others I will need to get advice on to understand, for example are we responsible for maintaining any services on our property? Does that include sewage and drains which I know go through our garden and onto shared driveway but is that what is meant.

Some of the things on the fittings we are leaving sheet are strange. Light switches, plug sockets etc, do people really take those things with them when they sell? Well we want be taking them.

Anyhow much of it is filled in, and with the non essential stuff packed up, the gardens and front of house cleaned yesterday, we can now get ready for the estate agent coming in a few weeks time and potential viewings as well. Exciting now, well sort of, I feel a lot of responsibility on my shoulders as the one who does the finances and form filling, I hope I make no mistakes.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

28th January 2012

Busy day today. Got the jet wash out and got the front and back gardens ready for potential viewers when we put the house up for sale. That is a messy job, jet washing not house selling, obviously. I was covered in mud and wet through. Looks good though and the front looks especially clean.

Having cleaned up I then went down to watch Enfield Town play Great wakering. It is great now they have moved grounds,cso that I can leave my house at 2.50 and walk into the ground a few minutes before kick off. My friend Julie was there today with her brother. The visitors scored after a minute and then offered nothing else for the rest of the game. We equalised early in the second half and won it just before the end when the number 5 scored an own goal.

Tonight was fun, after watching Hustle, what a great programme that is, Helen and I played trivial pursuits on the iPad , we won a game each. The questions were quite easy though. We played on the iPad and I think you have to pay for the better questions. We listened to absolute 80's on the radio and had a glass of wine. Tomorrow is weigh in day, hoping to have 12 stone something on the scales.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

26th January 2012

Nearly the end of January and it has been a difficult month as it is for most people. It always seems to me to be a very long month, this one has been gloomy with the dark clouds and rain for most of the time and very little sunshine and brightness.

I have another cold and sore throat, the second one in a couple of weeks, and the weight loss has slowed down to almost a stop. However on the bright side, in the past I would have eaten a lot in January, especially when not well, but this month, apart from a couple of take aways, I have stuck with the diet. The lbs put on at Christmas have been lost and now into February I need to kick on, be really good and get back on the bike.

The diet started January 2011 and so have been on it a year now and have lost 5 stone 4lbs, another stone would be nice but it is getting so much harder.

We are working with Kirsty to try and get her to pitch her levels of screaming/crying to the situation. At the moment it is the same whether she just cannot turn the tele over or if she has really hurt herself. Last night just having her hair brushed by the hair dresser sounded like someone was stabbing her.

Craig has another science exam today, and then one more next week.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

24th January 2012

A miserable day weather wise. Got out to play Badminton, just Sharon and I today but good to get some exercise. Having taken an hour out of my work day I came back to a load of emails and the neighbours pumping out their music. Hardly surprising that I developed a migraine.

Felt so bad could not make dinner. So took Kirsty to Brownies and we then got Fish and chips on the way home.

Poor Kirsty started crying on the way to Brownies. It started by her asking if we would take our television when we move. I told her we would take everything. She then said "we can't take the shed and I really love our shed". Despite me telling her that we would get or build another shed, she had tears already. She then told me she did not want to leave her friends. At this point the tears flowed and I did not know what to say to calm her.

In time she will realise that she will be better off, have new friends and a nicer way of life but I guess at the moment she cannot see that. I think her friend Kara is not helping as I know she is upset with Kirsty leaving.

Anyhow all was forgotten after brownies, maybe that had something to do with the visit to the chip shop.

Monday, 23 January 2012

23rd January 2012

That was a very long day. Very busy at work, for a change. The boss has sold the buisness and I had to produce a client report from scratch, which took the best part of the day whilst still have to deal with client help calls. We have a big problem at the moment with emails from our Qmail acounts being rejected by hotmail and live accounts. Trying to deal with Microsoft is very difficult and it is affecting our clients due to our ip address being on a Microsoft blacklist.

Got a call at lunchtime from Helen to tell me their school have Ofsted coming in and she will therefore be very late home tonight. As it turned out she arrived at 9.15pm, and then did not want to eat any of the dinner I had prepared for her. She then continued to work until well after 11pm.

As Helen was still at work, Kirsty had to come with me to take Craig to Guitar lessons, we then went to Tescos to get the things the home delivery failed to send. We had plenty of time so on the way back to pick up Craig I let Kirsty direct us at each junction. We had a fun time driving all around town trying to get back to his guitar lesson.

Craig has a science exam on Tuesday and this is an important one to improve on his mark he got when he sat it earlier. He was only 2 points off what was needed so hopefully the extra time and revision will take him past the score he is looking for. He loves science and his teacher said there is no reason why he cannot get a B.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

22nd January 2012

Lovely afternoon around mum and dads. Boiled bacon for dinner and then played game of life - board game version. I won somehow. Even got my Dad to play something on the IPad, published a picture of it on Facebook.

Kids both have colds. Hope Craig is not too bad as he has exams this week. Kirsty is very heavy eyed as well. Need her in school this week as I am working all 5 days. Getting as much money as I can in preparation for the move.

Watched last of Sherlock tonight. Wow that was weird and complicated. I hope they explain it in the next series as I don't think anyone, anywhere could explain that ending. Very enjoyable though, the 90 minutes flew past.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

21st January 2012 additional

Finally Kirsty let Helen pull out her loose front tooth. It had been wobbling since well before Christmas and with one loose on the other side we have had to cut most food up for her. Anyhow this one was really loose and would not take much to remove.

After agreeing to have it taken out, it then took 15 minutes of tears and crying before she finally let Helen remove it. In the end it was so loose that she did not even feel it come out.

And so to bed and the tooth was placed under the pillow along with a note Kirsty had written, addressed to the tooth fairy, explaining how the tooth came out and how brave she was.

21st January 2012

Struggling today. Think it was the early start. We were up at 6am to get Kirsty to a free ice skating session at Somerset House on the Strand. After falling over a lot and generally being a drama queen, she settled down and seemed to enjoy it.
She has though picked up another cold from somewhere. It's been non stop this winter. Craig not feeling to well either.
Disappointing weigh in this morning. Somehow 13 stone 1.5lbs. Was so hoping to record 13 stone 0lbs tomorrow. The Chinese tonight will not help either, can't be bothered to cook.
Craig's mocks were ok. Just doing enough. Teachers said in some subjects he could change c to b so hopefully he puts in some extra effort.