Monday, 24 February 2014

24th Feb 2014 - Migraines

I have had migraines from ever since I can remember. Well at least from 7 when I first remember coming home from a Cubs football match and just lying on my Mums silky bed cover trying to cool down and remembering the feeling sick and pain in the head.

People just say a migraine is a bad headache, anyone who suffers then knows this is not the case and I bet that most migraine sufferers can probably put up with a bad headache which would have others reaching for the pain killers.

I have different levels of migraine, a mild one will leave me not being able to look at anything and a sharp pain across the bone above my eyes, a bad one will have me going hot and cold, feeling sick (although I am hardly ever sick), pain across most of the front head and having to be in the dark or at least have my eyes shut. I also find pacing around better than lying or sitting down.

Painkillers do nothing and for years I had no remedy but to see it out. However one visit to the Doctor found me with someone who listened to my symptoms and prescribed me with Almotriptan. This really works and within an hour or two of taking one the migraine usually passes. This is fine but what I would love is a migraine table which prevents them happening at all.

I have looked at triggers and never found one, apart from if I get too hot, this one is a given, but I thought once it was fatty food, I cut this out are better and I had a good spell, but then they came back. Sleep might also be one, and other good types. I just cannot work it out.

I even had the idea that men had a time of the month like women as for some time I got a cluster of them and then nothing for 3-4 weeks.

The reason I am blogging this now is because I am so fed up. The last month I have had so many. In fact there have only been 6 days in the last 30 days where I have not had one. I admit they have been mostly mild, but it is getting me down now.

I cannot be diet I gave been eating well as we are on Weight watchers again, so plenty of veg, lean meat and very little butter or margarine. Dairy products also have been much lower. We started 1st Jan and all was fine but then around the end of Jan the regular migraines started. 

I have no stress at all, life is good relaxed.

If anyone has any ideas or can share experiences I would love to hear.

Friday, 7 February 2014

7th Feb 2014 - Our Friday days out.

I love our Fridays. Both Helen and I do not work on Fridays. It's great time to spend with each other, and we try and make sure we go out somewhere for the day, well at least until it's time to pick Kirsty up.

Since moving to King's Lynn we have many new places to visit and we travel distances we probably would not consider in and around London. Simply put an hours drive is an hour, unlike around London where it could be an hour  one day, and two hours the next. Also an hours drive up here covers quite an area, in London it might only get you a few miles.

We have visited various beaches and coastal towns, as well as some bigger towns and villages. The main criteria is somewhere nice for Lunch.

We always have a nice drive, good music playing, time to chat and enjoy the views on the way.

Norfolk is a beautiful place, we are making the most of it and really enjoy living up here.

Monday, 3 February 2014

3rd Feb 2014 - Oops

Like most I missed a while of blogging. Probably worst than most as it is getting on for a year since my last blog.

Generally last year has been great, one thing of bad note is Helen and my weight. Basically we have been enjoying ourselves too much and at start of New Year we started Weightwatchers again, this time we have stuck with it. 4 weeks in and a stone lighter but only now back to where I was last year. I would like to lose another 1.5 stone.

Apart from that all is good, I have been working back at Swift since last April, after a chance phone call asking for a reference, got me a weeks credit control and I am still there now. I work 9am to 1pm Mon to Fri, my choice. Helen and I have Fridays off. Helen has regular supply 4 days a week at Greyfriers, and has just been told she is needed next year as well and there might be a contract.

Kids are doing fine, Kirsty loves her school, she goes to Brownies and had moved up 3 classes at Swimming, she really is quite good.

Craig studying for his A-Levels, and had just done his mocks. He had hot really friendly with a girl called Kim, nothing romantic, just very good friends and I am pleased he had someone to do things with in King's Lynn.

So life is great, enjoy watching the birds feed at our table, we have loads of Dunnocks, a couple of Blue Tits, Greenfinches and Gold finches, a Robin and some Doves.

Looking forward to Spring again, it stays light till 5pm now and that just seems to make things better.

3rd Feb 2014 - Seed Time

After last years success with the seed growing, oh yes forgot to post how well they did, it is time to start again.

Last year, for very little outlay I had a brilliant front bed display of Marigolds, Salvias, Antirrhinum's and Cosmos, as well as giving many plants to friends. 

Mid Summer I planted some wallflower seeds, grew them on and planted out in between the summer bedding. Once the summer bedding was lifted the wall flowers were already growing nicely and providing some nice greenery over winter and hopefully nice Spring colour.

Anyhow, last year I started a bit late and ended up with window sills full of plants all at the same time.

This year the plan is to stagger the seed growing and potting on process.

At the start of January I planted some Salvias, and antirrhinum in one tray. They are growing and are in the pop up green house in the conservatory, I am waiting for 2nd leaves to appear, before pricking out. Once again the antirrhinum are very small and fiddly.

 I am hoping not to lose as many plants this year as I did last time being a bit in experienced.