Wednesday, 3 April 2013

3rd April 2013

Signs at last that Spring is on the way. It has still been cold with a chilly easterly wind but it has even sunny and dry. Next week the temperature is expected to increase to about 9 or 10 so hopefully soon things will start to bloom in the garden.

Kirsty and me have planted some seeds to save some money on bedding plants. It is the first time that I have attempted this but so far the results look good. The marigolds and cosmos appeared after about 4 days, a few days later the antirrhinum sprouted through and just today there are signs that the foxgloves and salvias are on their way.

We have been chitting potatoes for the community allotment but despite being in a bright position they made no progress. The one I put in the dark has performed much better, maybe it is because it is in warmer conditions. The others are now in and on the window sill on the stairs, lets see how they get on there.

This morning Kirsty and I went Swimming. The pool was reasonably empty and we had good fun for over an hour and half. Trouble is today is a fasting day, part of a new diet where we fast for two days a week, and after swimming I was starving hungry, and in fact I still am. Does not help during the holidays having to prepare lunches for the children.

Craig has been going into school to work on his music tech and today Helen as gone to meet a friend in Cambridge for lunch, which is nice that they came upto meet her.

After today we have visitors descending. Carolyn and Matthew are up Thursday and Friday, then we have Kara and Evie on Saturday and Sunday, and then Marion and Bethan the following Tuesday and Wednesday, so plenty of baking to be done.

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