Wednesday, 11 July 2012

11th July 2012

Well we are nearly there. Just over a week and half now and we will be moving to King's Lynn. We are travelling up again this weekend and taking up some more stuff. Then there is another week of work for Helen and school for Kirsty, then my cousin Marks wedding on the Saturday and we move up on the Sunday.

During next week we have various things going on, Helen has a leaving do at school, I am having a meal with my old work mates and we are planning a curry with my Mum and Dad. Craig has organised a get together with his mates on the Friday before we move, so it will be quite busy.

Kirsty visited her new school, we had a tour around and it looked really nice. We met the head teacher as well and they have some great things going on there. The school have just released a single on itunes called We Say - download it if you can, they are pushing for a top 40 place. The song involves every child at the school and is a great idea. The schools website is great too, it has a forum for discussion, praise areas and each class puts up things they have done. Very impressesd. Kirsty loves her school uniform, and her new school bag and is quite excited. She also met her new teacher who has also just arrived at the school.

So onto more sorting out, and deciding what to take up this weekend. I handed in the final forms to the solicitor yesterday, that should be all now on the Purchase of our new house, now it is just completion day 27th July 2012 and move in the following week, after the electrics have been sorted out.

We started this move process in February and 6 months on we are nearly at the end. It has all fit into place really well but getting to each of the milestones has been stressful and taken a lot of hard work.

Nearly there now.

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