Friday, 8 June 2012

8th June 2012

We have spent the week up in King's Lynn in our rental house. It has been a great week and nice to spend some time up here other than just weekends. Weather has not been great but then again it has not been that good in London either.

We have visited Hunstanton Beach, Kirsty had a donkey ride and we ended that trip with an awful Fish and Chip dinner. We also went to Langhams Glass Factory and that was a great afternoon. Wells at Sea was a disappointment, the beach is a long way from the town, so you either park down there and walk back or park in town and walk down. Either way it is a long walk.

We also had a trip to Norwich, mainly to try and get Helens Iphone fixed. The apple store could not do anything, but Norwich was great to look around, very good shops.

Best thing though is the traffic, you can get to places with no problems at all, even half term and bank holidays. I cannot tell you how much better that makes me feel, London just puts you off going out anywhere for fear of getting stuck in a traffic jam.

We have treated ourselves to a new 42 inch TV. The 32 inch one we had was making an annoying hum and we had promised ourselves a new one in the new home, but we saw an offer on in Argos and it was too good to turn down.

The house move seems to be going ok. We have signed our contract and returned it to the solicitor. I had an email from our seller, they have carried out the works we asked them to do, they are just waiting for their seller to return the fixtures and fittings forms and then we should be good to go.

The rental property is lovely, not as good as the house we are buying but still good enough and I am quite happy to live here if there is any problems with our Purchase. Not that there should be but well you never know.

Back to London tonight, as Craig has revision session at school tomorrow, also Helen and Kirsty are back to work and school respectively.

Another 6 weeks and we will live in Kings Lynn permanently. Cant wait.

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