Thursday, 26 January 2012

26th January 2012

Nearly the end of January and it has been a difficult month as it is for most people. It always seems to me to be a very long month, this one has been gloomy with the dark clouds and rain for most of the time and very little sunshine and brightness.

I have another cold and sore throat, the second one in a couple of weeks, and the weight loss has slowed down to almost a stop. However on the bright side, in the past I would have eaten a lot in January, especially when not well, but this month, apart from a couple of take aways, I have stuck with the diet. The lbs put on at Christmas have been lost and now into February I need to kick on, be really good and get back on the bike.

The diet started January 2011 and so have been on it a year now and have lost 5 stone 4lbs, another stone would be nice but it is getting so much harder.

We are working with Kirsty to try and get her to pitch her levels of screaming/crying to the situation. At the moment it is the same whether she just cannot turn the tele over or if she has really hurt herself. Last night just having her hair brushed by the hair dresser sounded like someone was stabbing her.

Craig has another science exam today, and then one more next week.

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