Tuesday, 24 January 2012

24th January 2012

A miserable day weather wise. Got out to play Badminton, just Sharon and I today but good to get some exercise. Having taken an hour out of my work day I came back to a load of emails and the neighbours pumping out their music. Hardly surprising that I developed a migraine.

Felt so bad could not make dinner. So took Kirsty to Brownies and we then got Fish and chips on the way home.

Poor Kirsty started crying on the way to Brownies. It started by her asking if we would take our television when we move. I told her we would take everything. She then said "we can't take the shed and I really love our shed". Despite me telling her that we would get or build another shed, she had tears already. She then told me she did not want to leave her friends. At this point the tears flowed and I did not know what to say to calm her.

In time she will realise that she will be better off, have new friends and a nicer way of life but I guess at the moment she cannot see that. I think her friend Kara is not helping as I know she is upset with Kirsty leaving.

Anyhow all was forgotten after brownies, maybe that had something to do with the visit to the chip shop.

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