Sunday, 29 January 2012

29th January 2012

Today it seemed more real than ever that we are moving. We started boxing up a lot of the things that are not required day to day and what we could do without until we rent up in Kings Lynn in the summer. These will go into storage, once we sell, along with the larger items and other pieces we do not need.

Today we filled 22 boxes and it still seems like we have not made a dent in it. We tackled Kirsty's room as well, that accounted for 7 boxes alone and you would still look at her room and think she had too much stuff.

Yesterday we received documents from the solicitors to start looking over and filling in, some are easy, others I will need to get advice on to understand, for example are we responsible for maintaining any services on our property? Does that include sewage and drains which I know go through our garden and onto shared driveway but is that what is meant.

Some of the things on the fittings we are leaving sheet are strange. Light switches, plug sockets etc, do people really take those things with them when they sell? Well we want be taking them.

Anyhow much of it is filled in, and with the non essential stuff packed up, the gardens and front of house cleaned yesterday, we can now get ready for the estate agent coming in a few weeks time and potential viewings as well. Exciting now, well sort of, I feel a lot of responsibility on my shoulders as the one who does the finances and form filling, I hope I make no mistakes.

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