Saturday, 28 January 2012

28th January 2012

Busy day today. Got the jet wash out and got the front and back gardens ready for potential viewers when we put the house up for sale. That is a messy job, jet washing not house selling, obviously. I was covered in mud and wet through. Looks good though and the front looks especially clean.

Having cleaned up I then went down to watch Enfield Town play Great wakering. It is great now they have moved grounds,cso that I can leave my house at 2.50 and walk into the ground a few minutes before kick off. My friend Julie was there today with her brother. The visitors scored after a minute and then offered nothing else for the rest of the game. We equalised early in the second half and won it just before the end when the number 5 scored an own goal.

Tonight was fun, after watching Hustle, what a great programme that is, Helen and I played trivial pursuits on the iPad , we won a game each. The questions were quite easy though. We played on the iPad and I think you have to pay for the better questions. We listened to absolute 80's on the radio and had a glass of wine. Tomorrow is weigh in day, hoping to have 12 stone something on the scales.

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