Friday, 7 February 2014

7th Feb 2014 - Our Friday days out.

I love our Fridays. Both Helen and I do not work on Fridays. It's great time to spend with each other, and we try and make sure we go out somewhere for the day, well at least until it's time to pick Kirsty up.

Since moving to King's Lynn we have many new places to visit and we travel distances we probably would not consider in and around London. Simply put an hours drive is an hour, unlike around London where it could be an hour  one day, and two hours the next. Also an hours drive up here covers quite an area, in London it might only get you a few miles.

We have visited various beaches and coastal towns, as well as some bigger towns and villages. The main criteria is somewhere nice for Lunch.

We always have a nice drive, good music playing, time to chat and enjoy the views on the way.

Norfolk is a beautiful place, we are making the most of it and really enjoy living up here.

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