Monday, 3 February 2014

3rd Feb 2014 - Oops

Like most I missed a while of blogging. Probably worst than most as it is getting on for a year since my last blog.

Generally last year has been great, one thing of bad note is Helen and my weight. Basically we have been enjoying ourselves too much and at start of New Year we started Weightwatchers again, this time we have stuck with it. 4 weeks in and a stone lighter but only now back to where I was last year. I would like to lose another 1.5 stone.

Apart from that all is good, I have been working back at Swift since last April, after a chance phone call asking for a reference, got me a weeks credit control and I am still there now. I work 9am to 1pm Mon to Fri, my choice. Helen and I have Fridays off. Helen has regular supply 4 days a week at Greyfriers, and has just been told she is needed next year as well and there might be a contract.

Kids are doing fine, Kirsty loves her school, she goes to Brownies and had moved up 3 classes at Swimming, she really is quite good.

Craig studying for his A-Levels, and had just done his mocks. He had hot really friendly with a girl called Kim, nothing romantic, just very good friends and I am pleased he had someone to do things with in King's Lynn.

So life is great, enjoy watching the birds feed at our table, we have loads of Dunnocks, a couple of Blue Tits, Greenfinches and Gold finches, a Robin and some Doves.

Looking forward to Spring again, it stays light till 5pm now and that just seems to make things better.

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