Wednesday, 1 February 2012

1st February 2012

New month and now January is out of the way we have decided it is now time to put the house on the market. The Estate Agent suggested that January was not the best month to sell as it is dark and dreary and everyone is recovering from Christmas.

I am still packing stuff away, things that are not really needed that often but we seem to have so much stuff. I look at things and think " we can throw this" and then I think "oh hold on we might need that at some point". Anyhow we have now 24 boxes packed up and I dread to think what the final total will be.

Talking of boxes how difficult is it to get hold of any. All the supermarkets tell us that due to health and safety they must crush the boxes as soon as they are unpacked and cannot give out to customers. Helen has been bring what she can home from school and last night I had a result whilst dropping Kirsty off at Brownies.

There is a clothes shop warehouse we pass on the way and last night they had put out 12 boxes for the rubbish to collect. I just managed to get them into the car and transport them home. No doubt it will not be long before they are filled.

Kirsty is going to stay at her nans on Saturday night, so Helen and I will make the most of that by going out for the evening. We do not get many opportunities, so last night we were planning where to go. It is typical though that there is nothing on at the cinema. We checked all the films showing and did not fancy any of them. So it looks like we will go for a drink and a meal. We found a nice pub in Potters Bar that looks really nice so we will try that out.

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