Monday, 14 May 2012

14th May 2012

So been a bit of a gap but then have been very busy. We got the keys OK and removal men turned up on the Wednesday at 10.30, so they made good time. Once unloaded we spent the afternoon emptying a few boxes and putting together beds and wardrobes. The front room is piled high with upopened boxes and these will remain unopened until we move to our new house. We had one little problem, the boiler was not working and the landlord could not get someone to fix it until the next morning. We got our friend around to help us light a fire and at least we had some heat. We drove back that Wednesday evening, and my hands hurt from all the re assembling.

We then started to adjust to life living with my mum and dad again, and so far it has not been too bad. Just little things like stuff getting moved when you think you know where it is, and just trying to find things of ours which might either be there, or at the rented house or the house we are selling.

On Saturday we went back up to King's Lynn with the children and my mum. We got to show them the rented place and also the house we are buying. We also walked around  the area to see the schools the children would be going to. Mum was really impressed with the house and the kids were the same. I was so pleased, it seems we have made the right decision.

We came back home Saturday night, Helen worked all day Sunday, I cooked the roast dinner for us all and we then went to the pub for a drink. 

Not much going on this week, counting down the days to our completion date of 25th May. The predicated fuel drivers strike did not happen, they accepted the deal, so we did not have to move early as it turns out, but I could not take the risk. Sitting here in my front room, on a deckchair with a laptop so I can keep working and not much else in the house. Been going round each room and giving it a good clean. Just kitchen and front room to do now.

The drive to school from Mums is not too bad but we have to leave at 7.45 to make sure Craig gets there on time. Once we no longer have this house it will get a bit worse, having to make 4 trips a day but needs must and its only for about 8 weeks anyway.

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