Tuesday, 15 May 2012

15th May 2012

I am finding it quite difficult organising things whilst living with Mum and Dad. Apart from the fact of trying to find things which could be in one of 3 places, there is the added problems of getting the children to and from school. The journey is obviously now not walkable and so we have to leave early enough to not get caught in traffic but not too early that we have to sit around and wait. The problems are compelled now that Craig has finished school and only goes in for exams, which can be morning or afternoon, and sometimes for only 30 minutes, so he needs to get there and get home again.

This morning Kirsty woke up with a cold so that was another decision that needed to be made quickly, sorting out breakgast in good time, then planning for her to go to Brownies tonight, if well enough, meant bringing her uniform over here, to our old house, remember we still have this until the 25th and I work from here, along with some dinner for her to eat.

The logistics are interesting to try to work out how to do things the best, where to tell Craig to go and what to organise and have in which house and for when. Also having to work, and then sort out dinners for different people at different times makes it quite interesting life at the moment.

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