Friday, 4 May 2012

4th May 2012

So last night we completed what Helen called phase one of the move. Well I feel like I am on phase 25 but enough of that. The first physical thing to move out of our property was the rabbits.

Our friend in Cheshunt had kindly offered to look after them for a few months until we are up in King's Lynn permanently. Over the past few weeks I have been trying to work out how to get the hutch there without having to dismantle it. The husband of the person looking after them works for a telecoms company and has a large van, so we asked but no good, his van is kitted out with equipment and racking. I tried my cousin, a builder, again no go, same situation. Who else had a van, my nephew, so we sorted dimensions and yes it would fit in. Great, until he came round one day and we measured up, the hutch would fit in the van no problem but it would not go through the door opening which was narrower.

So there was nothing for it other than to take the hutch apart. Once we started to do this, in the light drizzle of course, we soon realised that where they had been urinating and where the rain had got in, much of the hutch, which is only a year old, was falling apart. 

Trying quickly to dismantle it whilst the rabbits still wanted to play in it, I was getting quite annoyed. We did not have a lot of time as it was getting on for 6.30pm and we still had to rebuild it the other end. So we started loading the car up and noticed that the A10 was solid with traffic. Anyhow we continued to load it and then put the rabbits in the cardboard boxes which we had brought them home in last year. We closed the lids and put them in the kitchen, whilst we gathered up the chicken wire, straw, hay, food etc.

When we came back into the kitchen, Snowy was happily running around. She had chewed through the box and escaped. We could hear Lucy doing the same but not having as much like. We tapped the boxes up as best we could, quickly got into the car and went round the back way to try and avoid the traffic.

It was not too bad in the end and we got to Cheshunt in good time. Quickly we emptied the car and placed the rabbits in the garden still in the boxes. More and more chewing, they would get out soon and I think that put pressure on me to get the hutch  built. Could I do it, of course not. My rushing meant I started with the wrong bits, could not hold it steady and made it quite stressful. Not helped by Kirsty, and their two children, running around us, picking up tools and generally getting in the way. After trying nearly four times to put it together I had to resort to reading the instructions. We slowed down, followed the instructions and finally got it put together, with it still raining. We put the sawdust and other things in and put the rabbits back into their home.

We left them there and Kirsty was a little upset having to leave them. We let her stay up till 9pm and she went to bed and was asleep very quickly and with no fuss. I was shattered, as was Helen, but the first thing was out of the way.

At 10.30 we went to bed, I took my jeans off and found 4 screws in my pocket. Oops, I hope they were not important ones.

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