Monday, 21 May 2012

21st May 2012

We are in our last week at our house we are selling. Well I hope we are, you see I still have doubts until I get the confirmation that we have completed. Not much to do this week, apart from the normal school, work, clubs etc. 

We did a good clean of the house on Sunday and this week I can continue moving the last little bits out ready for Friday. On Friday morning I have to take the meter readings and the Virgin Engineer is coming to pick up the modem and set top boxes.

The lawn looks a mess but the mower is up in King's Lynn so not much I can do about that. She shed is empty as well so it is just the kitchen and the front room with a few bits in it. 

This week sees a heavy week for Craig and his exams, I think he has something on every day and on some days he has two. He seems to be quite relaxed about them and I hope that proves the case when the results come in.

We have booked in surveys for the Electrics and the Drainage at the property we are buying, they should be done this week and hopefully they will come back OK. If not we need to decide what to do and that will be based on the cost for repair. If significant then I would think we might have to discuss with the sellers. Apart from those two things I think we are happy with the other points on the survey and will put up/repair those when we move in.

Kirsty's school is still a bit of a worry. It seems that we can submit the transfer request at any time, the process takes 2-3 weeks but once she is offered a place she is then expected to take up that place straight away. So if we do it now she could have a place in Norfolk come the end of June. If we leave it until we are up there who knows where she might end up. It is the one piece of the jigsaw still open really. It maybe we decide to take the place early, and once Craig has finished his exams we move up there and leave Helen down here until she has finished work. We shall have to wait and see on that one.

The broadband we had installed at Dads house has been a saga. When I ordered it I told BT what our usage was, Xbox and some you tube and general internet stuff and they said 10gb should be plenty. Well after a week of us being there, with Craig at school all day as well we had used 7gb of the 10gb monthly allowance.

So the Sunday before last we increased it to 40gb to see how that would go. When I checked this Sunday how our usage was going we had used 37.1gb of our 40gb usage. Clearly it was still not enough, both kids use you tube alot and the streaming of videos makes for high download figures. So this Sundat there was nothing for it but to up the package to unlimited. It works out about £10 per month more that we had originally set up, but it should only be for 3 months. Once we leave we can reduce back down to 10gb until the end of the contract. Then Dad can decide what he wants to do with it.

So hopefully the week will progress smoothly and on Friday we will complete the sale.

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