Friday, 18 May 2012

18th May 2012

So this time next week we should be completing our sale of our house. It is funny really because on one hand I just want to get it finished and know for sure that it is sold and there are no more worries about anything going wrong, yes I still have doubts that something will happen, but on the other hand once we have sold life gets a bit more difficult get the Kirsty to and from school each day. 

At the moment we can leave Mums nice and early, miss the traffic and sit in our house until school time. Once we have sold I will have to leave later and catch more of the traffic. I will then also have to make the journey 4 times a day, rather than the two as at the moment I spend the day at the house doing my work, so do not have to drive back to mums after dropping Kirsty off at school.

We now have our contract to sign for our house purchase. With it came the land registry documents with all the covenants, I read that 3 times and then thought, I could read this 100 times and still not understand it, the wording is so weird. The solicitor says everything is fine so I have to take their word for it as that is what I am paying them for.

The environmental search has come back with a big PASSED on it. My solicitor did highlight one section though where there is a 1% chance of Radon gases, what does that even mean. Might have to google that later.

We asked our sellers about the wardrobes they had and the curtains downstairs and they have agreed a price with us for selling these to us separately. We have exchanged emails with them on various stuff and it does make it easier to be able to talk to them directly, but I understand why Estate Agents discourage it as there might not always be two parties like we are and I guess things could get out of hand.

So thats all for now, weekend in London coming up, but we aim to go to Kings Lynn the following weekend.

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