Tuesday, 8 May 2012

9th May 2012

So the removal van arrived at 8.15am. That was a relief, as ever I thinking the worst and wondering if they had the right day booked. Two guys Derrick and Matt. Took me a few goes remembering the names and then once I remembered the names I then had to assign them to the right person. 

They cracked on quite quickly, said we had prepared everything very well. They said when they see a job "owner Packing" they always worry about what will face them. They said they had one guy a few weeks ago who had not even started packing when they arrived. He was very laid back and said they could follow him round whilst he filled boxes. They asked what was up in the loft, I told them it was empty and that I had got all the boxes down myself. They said they would have gone up and got them. Urgh, that's annoying as it was hard work bringing them down.

I was anxious to see how they would get the large 3 seater out of the front room. I had taken up the laminate flooring in the hall, it gives that extra bit of space to get the sofa through. We needed to do it when we put it in there. I kept an eye on them waiting for them to tackle the front room, intrigued to see how they manoeuvred it. As it turned out they got it out within a few minutes. They simply took the double glazed window out and shifted it out through there. LOL all that time taking the floor up and putting it back.

Still by 11.30am they were all done and everything was on the lorry. I am left working from here sitting on a deckchair with my laptop. I had remembered every ones lunches this morning apart from mine. So it was just toast for me.

I have been round, swept and hoovered, amazing the dirt that collects under fridges, beds, sofas and wardrobes etc.

Now just waiting for kids to come home and for mum to pick them up, then it is off to Norfolk when Helen gets home from work. Then only two things to worry about. Will the landlord be there to give us the keys and we will actually complete on the 25th May 2012 so the sale of our house actually goes through. I know it is unlikely not to but until we complete something could happen. Yes we would get the £20k deposit but all the aggro of packing and moving all our stuff around and also the fact that Helen has now handed her notice in would make it difficult to recover from. Still that's me all over.

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