Thursday, 17 May 2012

17th May 2012

So we have had the survey back on our new house and as expected it has highlighted everything down to the smallest detail. Anyone of a nervous nature would never buy a property following a receipt of a survey.

It has however shown up some things that we should pay out for before we proceed any further. The electrics first need to be looked at, there was nothing major but they have not been inspected for a long time and some of it is old. Also the owner has outside electricity by means of a cable running out of the house and along the wall and the cable is not armoured.

The other thing was some cracking in the wall below the kitchen window. Below this is a gully for waste water and the surveyor suggested we get a CCTV drainage inspection to check for any leaks. This was backed up by cracks in the drive way concrete and the path. Both the path and the driveway seem to slope down towards the house with no drainage away and this also might be the cause of the movement.

Anyhow the owners are away at the moment so we must wait until they get back so we can give the contractors their number and to book appointments to go and carry out the inspections.

Other than that it highlighted things that were not too serious, run of the mill stuff that you would probably just keep an eye on in your own home, but there are some things for our solicitor to check, such as the conservatory building, a step in the kitchen to the toilet ( does it meet regulations), the changing of the front entrance into a WC, the boiler installation and the installation of a shower cubicle. I will pass them a copy and ask them to obtain the relevant documents on our behalf.

The good thing is that this puts some delays in the process, which for us at this time is great as we do not realy want to complete on the property until July.

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