Monday, 28 May 2012

28th May 2012

So at 10.30 on Friday 25th May I got a call from the Solicitor t say that the funds had been received and the sale was now complete. I cannot tell you want a relief that was to finally have that out of the way.

I must say right upto the last minute I was never 100% sure or maybe I did not want to think it was 100% certain. Anyhow it is all done now and we are now in control of our own destiny and more importantly we now no longer have a mortgage.

We spent the weekend up in the rental property and it was very nice being up there, going out and about on foot and bike. Whilst up there we took the opportunity to visit our sellers and discuss some of the points on the survey. As it turned out these were very minor points, mot of which the sellers had had on their survey when they had brought it and things had not changed and they had not bothered to correct.

Having said that he was very good, he is going to repoint all the areas where there is cracking, he is also going to plane the door where it is binding and he has checked the guttering which the surveyor had said was blocked and found it not to be.

The garage door frame where it was reported to have rotted was all fine apart from 2% of it, which could be easily fixed, and based on all of this we have decided to sign the contract and go ahead. We will get the fuse box done when we move in.

We chatted with them n their conservatory for half an hour and it was really nice to hear what they are upto.

So my biggest headache at the moment is notifying companies of change of address. Where possible I try nad do Helen's as well but this is not always possible and she needs to catch up with some which need doing urgently. I think we have covered all the main ones and I think others will crop up over the next few months. We have post redirected for 3 months so we should be Ok. I am making notes of what is being done by whom and how as we may well have to change address on possibly two more occassions.

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