Friday, 27 April 2012

27th April 2012

So this morning I wake to the news that the Unite union is recommending to its members not to accept the newest offer. The various members will now be balloted and the results of this ballot are due out 11th May 2012 with a final decision on strike action allowed upto 21st May 2012.

We are due to move 23rd May 2012 and so I now have a real headache. The solicitor confirms we have to complete on that day. We have no option the house must be emptied. The removal company keep saying there is no problem but how can they be sure. If they do not move me their terms cover them for liability based on third party actions.

So I have spent this morning considering our options. We could just carry on and hope that the members ignore their union and accept the deal, we could hope that even if they reject it more talks go ahead, we could even hope that if none of that happens the strike does not proceed until after we have moved. All of these options leave us with a big risk and there is no way of knowing what might happen.

The only thing we can do which would keep it within our control is to move out earlier. We are fortunate that we are moving into a rental property and that we have that from whenever we want. We have spoken to the landlady and paid our money so that is fine.

So I have looked at the dates, what Helen can do and how quickly we can pack up. I also spoke to the removal firm about what dates they had free. So now the move has all been changed and the plan is as follows.

Sat and Sun 5th and 6th May - Move everything we need to mum and dads. Pack up everything else ready for removals.
Tueday 8th May - Removal men come and empty the house.
Tuesday 8th May - Helen and I travel upto the rented property after work and meet the landlady, sign the forms and get the keys. We will stay overnight.
Wednesday 9th May - Removals travel up from London and unload into property. We travel back down that night.
Friday 25th May - completion takes place on the property.

As far as I can see it this is our only option. Yes there may end up not being a problem that week when we had planned to move but I just could not take the chance on it. So now it is busy busy busy getting everything sorted out. A few more weeks at Mum and Dad's than we were expecting but I think Dad is the only person to really mind that.

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