Friday, 10 February 2012

10th February 2012

This house selling business is all quite slow paced. I had expected a busy week with the house going on the market , assumed that there would be many people who were looking, see a new house on the list and want a viewing.

Obviously not, we have had the two viewings this week, the last one being on Wednesday lunchtime since when I have heard nothing from the Estate Agent. When we last sold a property it was sold within 10 days and that was in a time without the internet. Knowledge of properties was only available via the for sale sign, by contacting the Agent or by the local paper. Nowdays people use the various web sites displaying properties for sale as the main source for finding a property.

Today we have someone coming to do an Energy Efficiency Test for the house. This certificate is legally required now when selling a property. He said it wil take about an hour and they look at things like the boiler, heating systems, insultation, use of energy saving bulbs etc. They charge you £65 for the privilege, probably its just another one of those things that makes people some money for something which most people are not acutally interested in.

The snow is back again, not as heavy as last weekend, just hoping we do not have anymore, especially towards the end of next week, as we have to travel up to Norfolk on Friday for Craig's interview at the 6th form college. It is a 10 minute interview that we have to make the 2 hour journey for. They have been kind enough to schedule ours during the half term holidays so that we could get there without us rushing up after work, but surely in this day and age it could have been done via skype. I did suggest this to them but the suggestion seemed to get ignored.

Talking of the snow, I have managed to avoid the ice all week walking around and then manage to slip over on some soft mud walking up to school yesterday. Elegance went out the window and the added bonus was all the other parents on their way up to school seeing me. So funny.

With all of this going on we have realised that Kirsty's birthday has crept up on us. This year she just wants to do something with her 3 best friends. So it looks like Bowling and Pizza Hut, which suits me. We do not have to entertain 12 or more 8 year old children. All we need now is for her to think about what she would like for her birthday as at the moment we have no idea.

Weighed in today 12 stone 10lbs. So happy with that, although it is slowing down and is really difficult to keep on it and lose anything. However that is still a drop of 6lbs since Christmas. The total loss now since Jan 2011 is 5 stone 8lbs.

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