Tuesday, 28 February 2012

28th February 2012

Ok so new outlook is needed. Sitting here waiting for people to call, possible offers, different scenarios, is not helping my health, well being, mood or sleep.

Yesterday it occurred to us that the investor guy who was interested but only had 230k might now be a good option, based on yesterday's potential offer and our discussions with other people. So I got the agent to contact him. Despite leaving a message last night he has not returned their calls.

So far today the guy who shortlisted us and said he would come back Monday or Tuesday has not rung back.

I am becoming increasingly convinced that these people are saying what the agent wants to hear and not what they feel. If I was interested in something I would make contact to make sure I secured it.

I spoke at length to the manager this afternoon, and he said they were still working hard to get us a buyer but obviously dealing with the public was difficult for them and as much as they want to sell it they are constrained by what the buyers want to do. He said sometimes even when they have offers in and accepted, the buyers then go missing.

So if I keep analysing like I am doing now, I am going to drive myself nuts.

Anyhow the sale board for the other agent has gone up, but so far no viewings through them and in fact no contact at all. If the board had not gone up I would wonder if they had actually taken us on.

One thing is for sure I am not going to eat my way through this process. Don't get me wrong I could quite easily turn to food and put on all the weight I have lost, and it is hard not too eat loads of stuff to get by, but I know how hard it has been and closing in now on a total weight loss of 6 stone since January 2011 is inspiring me to keep going.

Th whole thing would be much easier with just an offer from a buyer for our house. Not much to ask is it?

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