Saturday, 11 February 2012

11th February 2012

Well I am pleased to report that we are still with the same Estate Agent. Feel much more relaxed today. This agent was the one we really should have gone with.

One of the reasons we did not was because having spoken to both of them back in October, the Agent we first engaged was the only one who kept in regular contact to see how we were doing and if we were ready to put the house up. Also the other guy was very slimy and I did not take to him at all. As it turns out that guy left and that is why no one kept in touch. His replacement is much easier to deal with, more a normal person than a car salesman type, you know the thing.

I am happy now, I hope, with our choice, time will tell.

So the two viewings they lined up for today have been and gone. Strategically they arranged it so the second viewing arrived whilst the first one was here. I is to create an air of interest in the property, so they tell me. Wow there are tactics in the Estate Agent business. Also we were told it is best not to walk around the house with them during the viewing, buyers are less likely to ask the agent questions or make comments if the home owner is there.

Anyhow the first person was a young girl, accompanied by her father and two young men, who I assume we're here brothers. They took time looking round, something the author chap did not seem to do. The next viewers were a man and women in their early 30's. They chatted to us a bit but again left them to go round with the agent. By doing that I have no idea what they thought of the place, I will have to wait for the agents feedback. I wonder if they will actually call? You can see I really do not trust any of them.

We received the energy efficiency report today. Hope no one actually pays attention to them as they must be really hard to get a good rating. We have a good boiler, insulated loft, double glazing throughout, use energy saving lightbulbs everywhere yet our rating only came out as an E. The ratings go from A to G with A being the best. Even with all the improvements recommended, which include the installation of solar panels and have insulation fitted to the outside walls ( who is really going to do that ) the rating only goes up to a D.

Kirsty goes very shy when people come to look. As soon as thy knocked she cam into the back room and hid behind the chair. It is good having the house on the market, everyone is keeping things tidy, putting rubbish in the bin and putting things away after using them. I need to think of a way to keep them doing it when we move.

Lovely day today, sunny but very cold, it was still -2 when we went out to the shops this morning. The boiler is putting in hard word and the heating has not been off now for about 3 days.

So that's it for now, do not expect to hear from anyone now until Monday. The new agent does not work on Sundays. So nothing more to do. On Monday we will go to the solicitors to show proof of our identity, hand in our forms and pay a holding fee for them. Now I am paying out money and anyone who knows me knows how much that hurts.

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  1. I would not take much notice of the energy report - it is a farce .. the whole thing about the energy saving bulbs - to be honest i would probably have taken all mine with me so it doesn't mean anything anyway!
    I know what you mean about keeping the house tidy...but it does get a bit wearing after a while!