Tuesday, 14 February 2012

14th February 2012

Oh that's a shame. Was already to have a rant on my blog. The Agent had rung this morning to advise that he spoke to the guy last night who puts the boards up and he assured him that ours would be up this morning. As of 12.45 there was still nothing, so I went into the front room to get the iPad to update my blog and low and behold the board was just going up. So we have a board up at last.

Still no more viewings though, the agent told us Monday and Tuesdays were typically light and we should have some more viewings later this week. Then one of his staff called to set up a viewing for this afternoon at 4.000pm, we were due to go to Marion's for dinner so we arranged to delay and wait for the viewing. 30 minutes later he calls back to say he has got the day wrong and it is Friday instead. How can you get Tueday and Friday mixed up?

Anyhow he has to go away and sort out another time as we will be in Norfolk all day and therefore we cannot do any viewings that day. No phone call back as yet to rebook so I guess the lady cannot do another time, he did say she was taking one day out to look at loads of properties.

And that is all for today.

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