Tuesday, 21 February 2012

21st February 2012

So to today's update. The update is that there is no update. We had both expected a phone call regarding the outcome of the meeting that the guy had with the financial advisor, just to say either that he could not raise the funds or that he was not interested or that he was thinking about or at least something. This is what we are finding most frustrating, the not knowing what is happening. I am sure they are working hard on it but we do not see this, we do not know what they are doing, we do not know what they are saying, we do not know what they are thinking.

Another day passes and no more viewings are booked in. This is the agent who said " we will sell that in two weeks for you", this was the agent who said " we have loads of clients looking for properties like this" - Estate Agents I just don't trust a word they say.

Still I have kept up with plan for this week of not calling them. I was so tempted to call or email after 5pm to find out what happened but resisted. This week I am just going to see what happens. It is not easy though, I am one of those people who needs to know what is happening on a regular basis, but I suppose that from that comes expectations, and from that disappointment. Let's just leave it to them to contact me when there are viewings or progress. It's going to be hard.

Having said yesterday that we had changed the price down to "offers in excess of 240k" I received an email about an hour later. It made me smile, it was from the first Estate Agent we had engaged. It said " hi Paul, I see they have already reduced the price. You see the grass is not always greener on the other side. When you are ready we will be pleased to try again to sell your property"

Well yes to a degree the grass is not always greener, certainley in terms of selling, but the new agent go the for sale board up within 2 days, they pass messages on in the office and return your calls, they got 7 people through the door in the first week, compared to 2 that the other agent managed, so generally I am happy to have moved. You do not know how hard it was not to reply to his email. Twice I had it drafted, and twice I deleted it. If I need them again in the future I will be the one making contact.

Did try one more thing. Bit of a long shot. The owner of the property next door, who rents it out, left me his mobile number when he brought it in case of any trouble. He owns a number of properties. So last night I sent him a cheeky text, asking if he was looking for anymore properties as ours was up for sale. Don't expect a reply, but if you don't ask you don't get.

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