Saturday, 18 February 2012

18th February 2012

We are back from Kings Lynn and Craig has been offered a place at Springwood, conditional on his GCSE results. So that's one thing we can tick off.

Was a bit low last night driving back, I just wanted to stay up there. We had a lovely afternoon with Sarah, and Kirsty was happy to see Isaac again. Whilst up there we went to look at a new build in the area we are looking at. Very impressed, they are doing 4 bedroom detached houses for a price which gives us change. The bedrooms are good size, it would give us a little more on our room plus en suite. Craig would obviously get a bigger room than he has now, which to be fair would not be difficult. The 3rd room, which would be Kirsty's, is the same size she has now, so that would be fine. Kitchen diner as we have now, a utility room for laundry, 3 toilets (heaven) and lounge which is vastly bigger than ours. Downside, they will only be releasing 2 more properties of that size, deposit is £250, so we have agreed that once they are available we will put a deposit down. If we find something better, or indeed do not mo e at all, then it is not a big loss.

No feedback from Thursdays viewing or in fact from the 3 we supposedly gad yesterday. Being wary of Estate Agents, I am wondering if they really had 3 viewings or if they took the opportunity whilst we were away to pretend they had to make up the numbers.

We have nothing booked in today.

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