Thursday, 1 March 2012

1st March 2012

So yesterday was a much better day. I just carrried on as normal, not expecting the phone to ring, not chasing up for feedback or to see if any offers. I felt much better, no headaches, no stress just going to leave the Estate Agents to contact me as and when they have information or to book viewings. No more making assumptions that this person is suitable, that person might make an offer. We have the viewings, get the feedback and leave it there.

The new Agent passed on their first viewing yesterday. She came round at 3.30, she has sold her house in Wood Green and needs to move quickly. Well very impressed that by 5.00pm the agent rung back with feedback. She felt the 3rd Bedroom was too small, seems a common theme, so a new plan, when I show people around I am now going to tell them the middle bedroom is bedroom 3. They can no longer say bedroom 3 is too small.

The new Agent has another viewing with us for tonight. This guy is in rented accomodation just around the corner from us, so knows the area, traffic etc, so in a good position hopefully.

The other agent even rung me with feeback for the viewings from the day before without me having to chase. He said one was a waste of time. We had a young couple view who I got a good vibe from, she knew one of the teachers at Kirsty's school and his sister had just moved into a similar property in the road behind us. The feedback from them was they wanted to be nearer primary schools, well based on who they know surely there was no point in viewing  ours, but anyhow they did like the house and may come back.

The last viewing, well actually the first of 28th February was a lady who was buying it to rent to her brother. She really liked it but wanted her brother to see it. He was travelling down from the north today so may want to come back today or tomorrow to view and see what he thinks. So that sounds promising.

Lastly we were on a shortlist of two and waiting for the guy to decide, well he rung the Agent yesterday and said that he chose the other property as it was much nearer to Enfield Town. Fair enough, he did say if anything went wrong with that he would come back to us. So once again we will see.

Had dinner last night with some people I used to work with. We meet up every few months and we had a lovely time, chatting away it is amazing how quickly the time goes by. We went to Brookmans Park Hotel and the food was great, and even better as we had a voucher which meant it still only cost me around £20. Thats always a plus point.

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