Saturday, 10 March 2012

10th March 2012

Another good day today. This afternoon the Estate Agent rung us to say that they had just spoken to our buyer and he had just come out of the building society having signed all the paperwork. He said "how quick can I be in the property" which is great news for us as it shows that he is really keen to buy and move quickly on the sale. It seems as well as if he is only having the basic valuation survey carried out. Good news for us, not that we know of any problems, but things could be highlighted. Bad for him though, I cannot believe people would spend that amount of money on a house and not pay for a structural survey to check it is Ok. However that is his decision and of course we may be wrong and he does organise one.

Anyhow that's he next hurdle out of the way, I had been worrying that he might change his mind, but the mortgage apple cation is now signed and processing through. Phew.

He sounds keen to move in quick, we may have to slow him down, we are hoping to have Helen's birthday here as well as Craig's 16th, both at the end of April.

In the post this morning we received our contract from our solicitor. I was expecting something more than a single page contract for the sale of something so large and costly but there it is. We both signed it this morning, took a copy, and put it into the post box to send it back to our solicitors.

This afternoon I started to try and tidy the mess which is our shed. So much stuff, I have however started to throw things away, so many cables, wires etc that I keep just in case have been thrown away. Packed another box up with some bits and dismantled the swing seat and cleaned the cover.

We can enjoy our weekend now, and Sunday we have Kirsty's Birthday party which is bowling and pizza hut.

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