Friday, 2 March 2012

2nd March 2012

Finally things might be happening. Not counting any chickens yet though. Agent 1 has now emailed again and hopefully I have dismissed them now. I asked him why originally they over valued our house and he had the cheek to say that  the people who had told me it was over priced were "idiot agents" I let him know who these people were and he has not replied since.

Anyhow Agent 2 set me a nice report yesterday, summary of what they have done. 22 Viewings in 3 weeks 0 offers. Did not make great reading and I thanked them for the report and asked them if they were happy with that and have had no reply. They did send me two new viewings but I was to set them up myself because they were in meetings. I did this, and both people failed to show. Fair enough traffic was the problem for both, one id coming at 12.30 today and the other said he would make another appointment.

So to Agent 3. Well they sent round a couple with a child who are renting just round the corner from us. He is a teacher and they arrived at 7pm and spent about 25 minutes with us chatting about the property and having a real good look. This morning I had a call from the agent saying they were really keen and wanted to have another look tonight at 7pm. It seems this man is very keen to get an exchange done before the end of March to avoid any stamp duty increases. Wow thats going to be tight but it would be an ideal situation for us. Exchange quick, maybe a longer completion date and then the stress will be off.

Anyhow this is only Agent 3's second person they have sent round and it would be so nice to have this go through and show up Agent 1 and Agent 2 for their failings.

We have fingers crossed but are keeping expectations low so as not to be disappointed if nothing happens but at least it is something positive.

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