Tuesday, 27 March 2012

27th March 2012

We are due to go upto Kings Lynn on Friday and Saturday 13th and 14th April to look at rental properties and those on the market to buy we are interested in. Obviously we are hoping to have exchange contracts by then.

However the rental market has been a bit of an eye opener. I think there are two reasons for this. The first being that I have never rented before and the second being that living in London you just assume there are many many properties always available to rent and you just shortlist some and choose the one you can get.

Not so in Kings Lynn. Rental properties, especially 3 bedroom house are like gold dust. We had found one in a central location to where we want to be and the Agent had said they cannot give full details due to current problems with the people in there. When I looked yesterday at it I saw it was no longer listed. I rang the agent to find out why and she said it was only due to the the problems, once resolved it would go back on. I asked her to keep me informed, at which point she told me she already had a list of 20 people wanting to view it and it would go very quickly. This is an issue for us being so far away, we cannot just get up there to view.

Anyhow whilst searching again I found another property, just off the road where we would like to actually buy. It had just come on and would be available at the start of May. This would be ideal, all 3 bedrooms are good size, parking for 4 or 5 cars, semi detached, with garden. I booked a viewing straight away with the Agent for 2pm on Friday 13th but she did say there was a good chance that by then it would have gone.

So I had a think and then rung the Agent back. I asked would the Landlord be interested in taking a months rent from me now £650 on the basis that it was taken off the market until we had viewed it on the 13th April. If we then decided not to rent it or our circumstances changed then the landlords could keep the £650 and put it back on the market. They will have lost nothing and it will at least give us a chance to view something which would be ideal. In fact looking at the location, the plan and the photos I can see no reason why we would not rent it. It then gives us a base for weekends to go up there and look for properties and also when we finally move in July. It is short term only so the risk is minimal.

The Agent spoke to the landlords but he was at work and his wife said she would need to discuss with him first. So hopefully today they will come back with a yes. If not it is no big loss. The main focus is selling our house first but it would be nice to know we had secured a rental place as well if we wanted it.

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