Friday, 23 March 2012

23rd March 2012

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. So another week passes and no information as to where we are in the process, no idea if we are a week away from exchanging contracts or a month or any indication in fact. This is a painful process, not in terms of stress or hassle or anything like that but it is just that I have no idea how things are progressing along.

I have said this before and will say it again, the house buying and selling process needs to be a bit more transparent, surely weekly updates for both buyer and seller from all parties involved i.e solicitors, estate agents and mortgage companies would not be much to ask.

Instead we are left to chase ourselves just a for a scrap of information to even know if things are progressing at all.

On Wednesday morning 21st March I put a call into my solicitor just asking if they could find out what stage we were at in the process. They said that it was all in the hands of the other solicitors but would call them for me to find out where we were. I did not hear anything back that day but on Thursday morning the phone rang and it was them. Some news at last I thought. How wrong was I , she was just calling to confirm that they had put a call into the other solicitors and were waiting for a reply. 24 hours that took. Anyhow it is now 1pm on Friday, 2.5 days later and still no phone call back from them.

This morning I called my Agent, he is really good, know whats I am like and understands my position. He said he would contact the buyers solicitors, who he knows very well, and see where we are in the process. Nearly 4 hours later and still nothing back. Knowing him I can trust he has rung them but I guess he is also waiting for the buyers solicitors to come back to him.

Every day that passes is another day nearer to the date by which Helen has to hand her notice in. If, for any reason this deal falls through, then we have less time by the day to find and new buyer and exchange contracts in time for her to hand her notice in.

Why does this take so long and why cannot we have some sort of progress report to say where we are. I would hate to be in a chain. This transaction is a straight forward sale. The property has no onward chain, the buyer has no chain and is a first time buyer. He has the deposit. Surely it is possible to do things much quicker than they are. I just want to exchange contracts, after that we can complete at any time, even if it is months after but exchanging is the key at the moment.

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  1. You can probably sympathise with why I pulled out of the sale of my house in 2010....the pressure was just too much for me and having to cope with it all on my own was too much for me to bear... don't think I will ever be able to move!