Tuesday, 27 March 2012

28th March 2012

OK I surrender. After yesterday I realise now that I have no influence over the sale of our property. Nothing I do to chase people will have any impact, things will just happen when they happen and there is nothing I can do about it.

Yesterday started with  phone call to the solicitors. I asked if they had recevied a reply from the buyers solicitors following the questions and our request to exchange quickly. They had not had any communication back. To be fair to her though she did understand my need for information and put a call into them straight away and rung back within a few moments. The delay now was that the Mortgage offer had still not come out to our buyer and without that obviously nothing more can be done.

I rang our Estate Agent and asked if there was any use in our buyer chasing his mortgage company, they said in reality no. Mortgage offers come out when they come out, by chasing nobody goes to the top of the pile, then just get done when they get done. He did say however that he had also spoken to the buyers solicitors and they advised him that the contract was now fine, no more questions to be answered, they had also requested searches to take place and these would take between 3 - 5 days to come back. He did end the call though saying it was unlikely of an exchange this week and even next week was a push.

About 10 minutes later he rang me back. He said he had spoken to the buyer, I though oh some good news. Not so, the buyer has just realised that the survey he had done was only a valuation survey and he porbably should have a full one done. Well of course he should but not at this late stage, why did he not do this earlier. He asked how quickly he could move in and the Agent said things were very close but if he did now proceed with a full survey then it would delay things, arranging that and getting the results back. So at this time we do not know if he is going to have a survey or not. He did say that he has his deposit ready so that is another piece of good news.

Anyhow on the strength of all that I have now decided to just leave it to take its natural course. No more chasing, wondering, or assuming dates, times and events. No more looking at properties to Rent or Buy, or looking at what if scenarios, no more planning trips to Kings Lynn, no more booking viewings and no more packing boxes. In fact no more thinking about the move at all. I am putting far too much stress and pressure on myself and as I have found out now there is nothing I can actually do to process things along.

So it is back to normal life here, continue day by day as we normally do as if we were not moving and wait to be advised of any information. Only once we have exchanged contracts will we start planning our next stage, whether it be a trip to Norfolk to view things or just concentrate on moving out first. I think it is the only way forward for us, particularly me.

To leave on a plus point, the possible survey aside, the solicitors are ready once the searches come back and the mortgage comes through. The buyer is ready with his deposit, and as a teacher has two weeks holiday whereby he can get into solicitors quickly to sign his contract if things are ready. so lets see how things progress.

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