Tuesday, 6 March 2012

6th March 2012

The waiting is agony. I know it's only 3 days since we had the offer but because I am one of those people who move and do things quickly I expect everyone else to.

Yesterday the Agent rung us and said that our buyer had yet to sort out a solicitor and until he does they cannot send out letters and get the process under way. He also said as he was working he could not get to see the Nationwide until Saturday to sort out the survey.

The Agent said they told him they would need him to select a Solicitor today as one of the conditions of us taking the house off the market was to move to exchange quickly. So I am hoping he gets back to them today.

It is not the time it is taking which is the problem it is the certaintity of it. If someone could tell me that this was definately going to happen and in 10 weeks we would exchange then that would be fine, but they cannot and each day things go through my mind thinking that something could go wrong. For example this morning the TV was saying some lenders were putting mortgage rates up, would this deter him from buying and decide not to? Yesterday it was an internal door we had fitted which is smaller than others, was this upto current standards? I wish my mind did not work this way but try as I might I cannot stop it and we have moved from one stressful process of finding a buyer, to the stressful process moving to exchange.

Thinking about it though, whoever put an offer in to buy our house, we would be in the same position. Better to be in the process now than to have an offer in a few weeks and to start that process then. The buyer we have is not in a chain, he is in rented accomodation, we also know he is desperate to move out from this, so things could really not be much better. Lets hope today he sorts his solicitor out and we can really start the process moving.

I think the other thing is that in my mind has all the things that we need to do, before we move but I cannot do any of these until we have exchanged. It is a period where there is nothing for me to do, nothing I can influence, we are in the hands of 1 man. How quickly he does things, what decisions he makes, it is our future in his hands.

I think the next few days and weeks are going to seem like a lifetime, but the rewards at the end of it will be worth it, I know it is the only thing keeping Helen going, as work is getting worse and each day she comes home with more things to do, changes to what they are doing and there are just not enough hours in the days or weeks for them to do everything and have time for a normal work/life balance.

So please Mr Buyer, get things moving and please don't let us down.

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