Saturday, 3 March 2012

3rd March 2012

Today is a very good day. Having had the 2 second viewings yesterday, one of which involved a half hour grilling by the buyer and his mate over everything from how secure the roof is to does the underneath of the stairs meet health and safety standards, we went to bed last night expecting an offer or possibly two.

As normal at the moment I woke up early and then it seemed ages before it got to 9am, when the Estate Agents opened. 9.30 and no phone calls, at 10.00 I dropped Craig at school for Maths revision, and still nothing. 10.30 came and went and we both thought maybe nothing is going to happen.

Then I was just about to tweet that I need to control my expectations, and Agent 3 rang to say they had an offer of 235k for our property. This was accepted by us almost without question, but he requested that we take the house of the market. We agreed to accept that offer but based on a quick exchange. This meets all what we want and we can sort of sit back for a while now, we only need to worry about the survey now, lol.

The buyer seems very honest and genuine and I have a lot of trust in him, I hope my trust is not thrown back in my face.

I phoned Agent 2 and told them about the offer and that we wanted to take the house off the market. They said that there 2nd viewer had also expressed an interest and was looking at one more property and they felt they could get her to offer more than 235k. I know they are only doing their job and of course the extra money would be nice but I said no, we had given a commitment to the first buyer, we had accepted their offer so was not interested. I hope he provides us with the same honesty.

Now the only problem I have is that Helen feels it is ok to not to keep the house tidy any longer, I was enjoying that aspect of it.

Don't think this is the end of it, we have survey, exchange, completion, storage, renting and buying process still to go through, and of course the weeks/months we have to live with mum and dad which I think will challenge all of us. At least we have progress and the journey is sort of starting.

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