Monday, 12 March 2012

12th March 2012

So we are just waiting now. It is strange but with having nothing to do or chase or organise I have started to think about the move and whether we are doing the right thing. It is strange to be doing this now, we have, after all been playing this for over a year now.

It may have started because yesterday I started to look on right move for rental properties in Kings Lynn and there did not seem to be that many. I am hoping that the Estate Agents up there have many more on their books. When we went up in October and spoke to them they said they had plenty of properties but you had to get in quick to secure one. So once we have exchanged I think we will register with local Agents and get them to start sending us details. If need be, we may rent a property earlier than we were going to but not move into it straight away.

This is a massive move and definately the biggest thing I have ever done. Once we exchange contracts that is it, no going back. At the moment we are quite comfortable, we have a nice house, financially we are OK, the kids are at schools they like and are settled, but then I have to consider that Helen works far too long hours, we never see her and that is not fair, the area we live in is not what it used to be, the streets here are not safe and I worry when Craig is out on his own or with mates, and I would not be comfortable when Kirsty grows up with her going out. Then you have the pace of life in London which is ot something we enjoy anymore. The pollution does not help, both children are on all year round anti histomines and Craig is couped up in a small box room.

So having said all of that, then it is the right thing to do but it is still difficult to stop the thoughts going one way and the other in my mind. It is a nice period to be in, we are pretty sure it is just a matter of time for it all to go through, more so since Saturday and finding out our buyer is really keen to move and has now arranged his mortgage. The next couple of weeks should be nice a calm, I hope, we will just wait.

The next thing will, hopefully, be sorting out the completion day. We would prefer after the first weeks of May but I fear that the buyer might be looking for something much quicker than that. So a question, who is in control here? Do we as sellers have the final say, if we stick to early May, might the buyer decide to pull out? I don't think so, we would be too far down the process then, and if he is looking to get out of his rented accomodation quickly due to the neighbours and area ( which we know he is) then he would have to start the process of finding a property again and be weeks away from moving again. However does it work the other way and is the buyer in control of setting the date, I can't see that being the case but I do not know.

I am sure the solicitors will advise on this. So the next few weeks will be quiet but I will keep blogging with my thoughts and feelings as we get nearer the time, and after that of course there will be many more entries as you can see how we get on all living with my Mum and Dad again for two months or so, then the renting process and finally looking for our new house to buy.

We are still very early in the process and a long way to go before we are settled in our new home. So far though so good

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