Monday, 19 March 2012

19th March 2012

So we had Mothers Day tea around my sisters. Very nice it was too but we may now not be able to move. I had agreed with my sister to half the cost of the tea. She had billed it as "a little tea".  I took this to be a few sandwiches and cake. Anyhow when I arrived it looked like she was catering for a wedding reception, I wondered how many mothers were coming. The word "little" should never have been used and now I fear that when I get the bill, it will take away most of the savings we had put by for the move.

We are now registered with every lettings Agent in Kings Lynn, after a few phone calls, we quickly realised it would be easier to email them all with out details and questions. Phone calls would have taken far too long. So emails sent and we have put a quick call into each of them to check that our email was received and we were now registered.

Last night we checked on right move for properties for sale. We found 10 of interest and went through each one carefully looking at the size and layout. We then used Google Maps street view to look at the road situation and parking, soon it became obvious why some of the properties we had shortlisted were on at such low prices. So we removed some. The others we have emailed to our friend in Kings Lynn and Helen will call her one night this week to see what she knows of the properties and the areas they are in.

We have found one though which looks idea and ticks all of our requirements apart from that it not detached, only semi detached. I guess though when buying you have to conceed on some things and the other benefits make it easier to give up on the detached aspect.

It has 4 bedrooms, the 4th one being the loft room, the main bedroom is bigger than ours at present, the two rooms for the kids are both bigger of good size, about the size of our second room now, the other bedroom can easily accomodate a double bed for guests. Downstairs in a front room, larger than ours, a sitting room, currently used as a study. A dining room and then a kitchen both of good size. There is a conservatory, space for two cars on the drive and access from the back to another driveway. It is on the main road, but not a main road like we are on now, but it is good for buses and near to Craig's school.

I have phoned the agent this morning to express an interest in it, but advised we could not get up until the Easter holidays. I explained our situation and he sounded pleased and would tell the sellers about our position and interest. It has been on since November ( slight worry ) 8 people have viewed it, again not many but maybe selling up there is different to the pace of London. He said there were no negative comments, well he would wouldn't he, the viewers were not in a position to make an offer (strange). Anyhow he has our details and hopefully we can get up to see it at Easter.

It is getting exciting now actually looking at stuff, but still in the back of my mind is the fact we have not exchanged contracts on ours yet. Survey tomorrow, fingers crossed that goes well.

Very tired today, could not sleep last night, so listened to music until 4.30am. It does not take much to make my mind active at night, we really should not have looked at property's last thing at night.

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